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  14. Reform Civil Forfeiture Laws
  15. New Research Predicts Mandatory Paid Leave to Cost 430 000 Jobs 650 Billion in Lost Economic Output
  16. Small Business Laments Presidents Veto of Bill to Make ACA Less Painful
  17. New Year s Resolutions for Small Business Owners
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  23. How to Qualify for Small Business Grants
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  27. Joint Employer Standard
  28. These 3 iOS 9 Features Can Actually Help Small Business Owners
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  30. Guard Against Sales Tax on Services via Treasury Rulings
  31. Microlending Can Save Your Small Business
  32. Protect the Franchise Business Model in Michigan
  33. Quick Information About Main Street Nebraska
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  41. Make State Agencies Pay When They Lose in Court
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  43. Lessons from the Razor Revolution
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  46. Nationwide Survey Creates Detailed Picture of Small Business Compensation including Paid Leave Overtime and Retirement Benefits
  47. Members of Congress Take the Small Business Challenge
  48. The Eyes of NFIB Texas Are Upon You State Legislature
  49. Filing for a Tax ExtensionWhen Does it Make Sense
  50. Should Your Small Business Ban Email
  51. 2015 Holiday Consumer Trends
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  53. Carly Fiorina Answers Questions from Small Business
  54. Quick Information About Main Street California
  55. Stop Taxing Health Insurance Claims
  56. Carly Fiorina Will Answer Questions from Business Leaders This Week
  57. Halt Attempts to Double the Corporate Income Tax
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